Battery for Motorola DP2000 Series (NiMH 1400mAh)


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Part Number: PMNN4412AR

Weight (g): 210g

Chemistry: NiMH
Operational Time (Hrs): 10
Capacity (mAh): 1400mAh (Typical)
Intelligent: No
No. of Charge cycle: 400
Memory Effect: Yes

High Energy Density: These have an average of 2200mAh (milliampere-hours—the amount of current in milliamperes that it can give multiplied by the time in hours.) This is greater than the 1500mAh seen in Li-ion batteries. These are the standard numbers in 1.2v NiMHs and 3.7v Li-ions.
Compatibility: If you have ten gadgets using a NiMH battery, you can use a single pack to power them all. Not simultaneously of course. NiMH uses standard sizes so they are compatible with all devices using sizes such as AAA or AA. Compared to Li-ions, the sizes depend on the manufacturer or model of the device. I did see some AA-size Li-ion around the market so it may be worth checking them out.
They Are Safer: They have less active materials compared to Li-ion batteries. NiMH can pop if they are overcharged too much or short circuit but this is nothing compared to a Li-ion which can potentially blow up.
Can Be Completely Discharged: By this I mean they can be brought down to 0 charges if you can get it to reach that. They will still charge, just don’t let it suffer from reverse polarity or else they will be damaged.